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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones To The Rams According To MTD

Pretty much every football related blog on the SB Nation network has coverage about the upcoming NFL Draft, but only one blog covers it full time. Mocking The Draft is populated with prospect profiles, draft related news and of course, all the mock drafts you can handle. Their latest mock came out a few days ago, and they have the Rams taking Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones with the fourteenth overall pick. Here is their rationale.

The tandem of Jones and Bradford has the potential to be very special. The Rams need to focus on giving their star quarterback weapons and Jones has good size and speed.

The Rams are a team that is in need of help at many positions on the field, but none arguably more glaring than wide receiver. After Mark Clayton went down last year, Sam Bradford didn't have a player who could be considered a legit number one option.

Jones could definitely provide that. If A.J. Green wasn't in this draft, Jones would likely be a top ten pick as the best wide receiver prospect in the draft. In fact, coming out of high school, Jones and Green were similarly touted prospects. Jones might even be a better fit with the accurate throwing Sam Bradford given his ability to run after the catch. He would represent good value at this pick at a position of need for the Rams. Can't do much better than that. Here's hoping he's available when that pick comes around.