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Julio Jones Injury: NFL Combine Star Played On Broken Foot

This is starting to become comical. All the St. Louis Rams needed, according to the latest 2011 NFL Mock Drafts, was for Julio Jones to sneak through an average NFL Combine performance and remain available when it came time to pick him 14th overall. First Jones exceeded all expectations at the Combine; now we learn he did it playing through a bloody-sock-style injury—on a broken foot that will require surgery. 


Come on! Saying all the right things and exceeding expectations in the 40 wasn't enough? 


It's difficult to root against a player because you want, eventually, to be able to root for him—it's a strange position to be in. But I figure that the 10 years I'd be able to root for Jones, as he frees Sam Bradford from throwing endless three-yard completions to Danny Amendola, are worth this brief awkward period when I hope that he doesn't price himself out of their range. 


Things aren't looking good though—the latest rumors are more about where he'll fall in relation to A.J. Green than where he'll fall out of the top 10.