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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones, A.J. Green Fall In Latest

At SB Nation St. Louis we've covered seemingly every possible 2011 NFL Mock Draft scenario in which Julio Jones falls to the St. Louis Rams, and for good reason—he's the dreamiest wide receiver in the Rams' draft range, and has been all year. But SB Nation's latest mock draft is one I don't think we've dreamt about yet; in it, both Jones and A.J. Green fall farther than they have in recent weeks. 

This seems more plausible than most Jones scenarios because it's less specific; rather than falling to the Rams because his broken foot isn't quite right, or his perfect NFL Combine gets ruined by Jim Joyce after 26 outs, the draft climate just happens to be cool on the two available wide receivers that day. 

The end result, then, is the opposite of the canonical fantasy draft run on tight ends or kickers—just a slight decrease in interest on Green could leave both receivers available deeper in the draft than we have any other reason to expect. New NFL Draft, of course, shows the other option—no matter how deep Green gets, it's easy to see the Washington Redskins snapping up a wide receiver, leaving the Rams with one of a glut of interesting defensive ends.