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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper On Julio Jones And The Rams

Put this in your 2011 NFL Mock Draft filing cabinet: Mel Kiper recently talked with a number of outlets, including the St. Louis Rams' official blog, about—well, about the NFL Draft. It's Mel Kiper; he wasn't talking about Libya. In any case, while Kiper is still a little worried about Julio Jones's ability to catch the ball—not to mention stay healthy—he sees him as a player worth trading up from 14 for. And a player, he added, pessimistically, that one would need to trade up from 14 for. Kiper likes him as a talented receiver who also blocks, which jibes with Jones's NFL Combine buzz about his love for knocking defenders flat on their, ah, pads. 

The Rams have shown no particular interest in trading up yet—the Mock Draft Rams haven't even considered it, the short-sighted jerks—but we're still six weeks from draft time, so any conventional wisdom is bound to spoil about as quickly as conventional wisdom about the internet circa 1994. I've been unable to confirm with Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo as to whether 640k ought to be enough for anybody.