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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Quinn A St. Louis Rams Gift

For Rams fans a 2011 NFL Mock Draft can be thrown into one of two piles—Julio Jones goes to the Washington Redskins at 10, or Julio Jones goes to the St. Louis Rams at 14. The latest Shutdown Corner mock draft goes in the first pile—Jones, with his "unreal combine performance", is gone to the Redskins. But the Rams get a surprise in this particular case, when UNC DE Robert Quinn is still available at 14. Gone before that of late in Mel Kiper's well-coiffed mocks, Quinn is one of the best defensive ends available in the first round, and Turf Show Times considers him a "very interesting pick indeed."

It wasn't as obvious as the wide receiver problem thanks to Fred Robbins's astounding season, but the Rams could certainly use some youth on the defensive line to supplement Chris Long, and Steve Spagnuolo has never met a defensive weapon he didn't like. If the real NFL Draft turns out to fall into the Jones-to-the-Redskins pile the Rams could do much worse than Robert Quinn.