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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones And NFL Draft Wide Receivers

The 2011 NFL Mock Draft is typically a long-form work—each team, each player, sometimes all the way to Mr. Irrelevant himself. But sticking to one team—in our case the St. Louis Rams—gives us a number of possible forms to work with. Recently a Turf Show Times fanpost looked at the Rams' first three draft picks by offering an ideal option, a settle-for option, a whiff, and a Jay Zygmunt-centric choice. Read the whole thing, especially the WWJZD picks, but if you're looking for a spoiler I can confirm that Julio Jones remains the ideal pick to end all ideal Rams Mock Draft picks. 

The author of the fanpost isn't high on any of the second or third-round wide receiver options in the draft, but elsewhere on TST there's talk of middle-round types like Terrance Toliver moving around draft boards across the NFL, along with Greg Little failing a number of teams' four-pillars tests. The Rams might be a little shy about taking on another project wide receiver with Mardy Gilyard still a non-factor going into the second year of his Rams career, but if they don't get Julio Jones they might have a favorite kind-of-prospect waiting in reserve.