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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mark Ingram Among Possible Steven Jackson Savers

With Julio Jones looking increasingly unlikely as the St. Louis Rams' 14th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, mock drafters have to keep other avenues in mind. Among them: running back, where Steven Jackson continues to do a terrifying Boxer The Horse routine as the sole back in the Rams' system. At the P-D Jim Thomas offers a nice feature on Mark Ingram and Mikel Leshoure, who are less change-of-pace backs than the potential Steven Jackson to Jackson's Marshall Faulk. 


I don't think that's necessarily the right move—Jackson still has some great games left in him, if the Rams can just find some way to get the ball out of his hands on occasion—but Leshoure satisfies all my future-running-back hopes and dreams, and also harbors a serious crush on Steven Jackson. He's young, he put together an explosive season in college, and he hasn't gotten hurt yet. Done! 


And best of all, neither of them is too good for the Rams now, unlike some perfect, great, awesome wide receivers I know.