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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Aldon Smith To The Rams, Julio Jones To The Redskins

SB Nation just came out with their latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and it looks a lot like the the Walter football mock draft we just described below, at least in terms of the Rams and their potential interests. They have Julio Jones, who has been one of the favorite prospects among Rams supporters going tenth to the Redskins after his dominant Combine performance. All of which happened on a broken foot.

As for the Rams, they also have them taking Aldon Smith, the defensive end out of Missouri. Here is their rationale.

Wide receiver is the Rams' most pressing need, but with the top two receivers off the board, defensive end becomes the next point of focus. Smith, a sophomore, is very raw, but is a great physical complement to Chris Long and a nice fit for Steve Spagnuolo's defense.

Smith would be a nice project along the defensive line, but I'm not sure the Rams can afford to miss on another a prospect first round pick at that position. Unfortunately, if you look at the next few picks on the board, they are all defensive and offensive lineman. If the two main wide receivers are off the board, defensive line may be the direction they choose to go in.