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2011 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams Schedule Pre-Draft Workouts

2011 NFL Mock Draft mavens take note: The St. Louis Rams scheduled their third pre-draft workout on Saturday, and while one of them, Missouri DE Aldon Smith, has long been a mock draft favorite at the 14th pick of the first round, two of them are offensive linemen. Lehigh's Will Rackley, "one of the top sleeper prospects in the country",  is the latest; he joins Danny Watkins, who's already worked out for the Rams. 

Neither is a first-round pick—Watkins was a first-round pick in the CFL last year, if that counts—but both suggest the Rams might have different ideas of making Sam Bradford's life easier if drafting Julio Jones with their first round pick doesn't work out. The Rams have yet to show any interest in Florida's possible first-round guard, Mike Pouncey.

There's no truth, I'm told, to the rumors that the Rams are working both Watkins and Rackley out at wide receiver. But the stuff about them trying Aldon Smith out at wide receiver is all true.