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Mikel Leshoure Believes In Tandem Backs, Alienates Steven Jackson

There's an interesting dynamic in this story about Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure, in which he capped off his pro day by suggesting that "in the NFL now days you need a tandem... I wouldn't be surprised if a team with a star back now was to scoop me up." On the one hand, I can only imagine that he'd love to be taken by the St. Louis Rams at 14, although TST writer 3k is probably not enthused by the prospect; on the other, I don't think he wants to be remembered by Steven Jackson as the one who told the world that he needed a tandem-back to avoid breaking down. 


If Leshoure wants to evade responsibility for that, I'm more than happy to be remembered as the one who told the world that Steven Jackson needs a tandem-back to avoid breaking down. I can't get over the similarities between the running back position in the NFL and Boxer the Horse from Animal Farm; I can only hope @SJ39 doesn't start tweeting "I will work harder!" after the Rams go into 2011 without a secondary back of consequence.