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2011 NFL Mock Draft: A.J. Green's Low Wonderlic Score

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Turf Show Times has the latest fuel for your 2011 NFL Mock Draft fire: A.J. Green, consensus No. 1 wide receiver in the 2011 NFL Draft before Julio Jones solved childhood obesity at the NFL Combine despite playing with a broken foot, scored a nine on the Wonderlic test. Nine is not especially high, and after Vince Young's flameout career and single-digit score we're at a high tide in terms of public opinion toward the test. 

But A.J. Green has spent the entire mock draft season at or near the top of most boards, and his sheer talent means the test would have to spook a lot of teams to get him to the St. Louis Rams at 14. It's different with Julio Jones; he may have introduced democracy to Eritrea and made Rolling Stone relevant again (and his foot was broken!), but all it takes is a team or two in need of a wide receiver—think the Washington Redskins—to go in another direction to see him at 14. With Green, teams won't just be thinking of need; they'll have to come up with solid reasons to avoid taking the best player available.