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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Michael Floyd's Supplemental Draft Chances

The 2011 NFL Mock Draft doesn't typically cover the NFL Supplemental Draft, which exists to keep players who find themselves somehow locked out of both the 2011 NFL Draft and the 2011 college football season gainfully employed, but Michael Floyd's DUI over the weekend left him suspended from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish indefinitely, which could lead him back to the NFL, a path he spurned earlier in the year. To make things more interesting: The St. Louis Rams were often linked with Floyd when it was assumed he'd enter this year's draft, instead of going back to school for his senior year.

The Rams would likely have to bid a second or third round pick to pick up Floyd, but for Steve Spagnuolo and the St. Louis Rams the troubled receiver would require yet another testing of their vaunted Four Pillars philosophy. Vincent Jackson is one thing; are the Rams ready to pick up a rookie who doesn't embody their values? 

Floyd could yet return to Notre Dame for his senior year. Two players were selected in last year's supplemental draft, with Harvey Unga and Josh Brent each going for seventh-round picks to the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys, respectively.