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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cincinnati Bengals A Julio Jones Trap

In our 2011 NFL Mock Draft coverage it's come to this: Deciding which teams seem the most worrisome as Julio Jones traps, teams that could decide they need a wide receiver as much as the St. Louis Rams do, even though they've never had to run stories about Danario Alexander's knee. The Washington Bengals are the Rams' most common enemies on this front, picking Jones at 10 in a number of post-Combine mock drafts, but the Cincinnati Bengals are the latest threat—at fourth overall—after Peter King intimated that they have Jones higher than A.J. Green on their draft board. 

The good news is that the Bengals still have to deal with Carson Palmer's retirement-backed trade demand; Julio Jones is great, but it would be easier to pull the trigger that early if the team had some idea of who might throw to him. A report on Twitter has Bengals coach Marvin Lewis saying that "the QB need is greater" than at wide receiver, but before you take that without salt keep in mind that he began it by saying "we have options at wide receiver that include Chad Ochocinco."