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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones Reaches Rams In TST Mock

For what it's worth, I don't think TST's VanRam dropped Julio Jones to our own St. Louis Rams with the 14th pick in his Mel Kiper-y 2011 NFL Mock Draft just to avoid being deposed in a bloody blog-commentariat revolution, although I'm hearing rumors that an 86-year-old woman is already claiming to be his last living descendant and the true heir to the Turf Show Times Throne. His draft, which features Blaine Gabbert going to the Carolina Panthers at No. 1 overall, Cam Newton going third to study with former Harvard (and St. Louis!) quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the No. 10 Washington Redskins grabbing Robert Quinn instead of a wide receiver, is totally plausible. 

I'm just saying that it's a nice side-bonus that he won't be assassinated during tomorrow's link-post. One thing it is missing: A.J. Green, which is probably an oversight but serves as a nice confidence-boost to a Rams fanbase that's grown increasingly despondent about Julio Jones's overwhelming post-combine momentum. If you can create a mock draft with Jones to the Rams in which A.J. Green, a surefire top 10 pick, doesn't even figure, there's certainly still a chance a first-round receiver will end up as Sam Bradford's combined birthday and Christmas present.