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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Draft Consensus Sees Julio Jones Up, A.J. Green Steady

Just about a month from draft day, things on the 2011 NFL Mock Draft front have begun to stabilize, but there's still movement on's 2011 NFL Draft Consensus Big Board. Patrick Peterson remains the consensus best player available, but with St. Louis Rams fans typically mock drafting on a needs-based basis it's worth noting that, as A.J. Green remains steady at third overall, Julio Jones continues his rise up fake draft boards everywhere; he moves from ninth to eighth, thanks to a sudden drop from Prince Amukamara

Robert Quinn, another played tied to the Rams in recent mock drafts, is a step higher than Jones thanks to a stronger consensus on his value—he's ranked from fifth to 10th by the experts WalterFootball has collated, while Jones varies from third to 17th. It's that variability that has tantalized NFL GMs and Rams fans all offseason, and it's anybody's guess as to which side of the big board he finally falls down on. 

Missouri product Aldon Smith is 11th, one behind teammate and possible No. 1-overall pick Blaine Gabbert