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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones Could Be Healthy By Draft Day

If you were looking for some kind of St. Louis Rams-benefitting discount in the Julio Jones sweepstakes thanks to his recent foot injury—even after he ran a 4.39 on it—the most recent 2011 NFL Mock Draft scuttlebutt probably disabused you of that notion. But if that didn't dissuade you from dreaming big, I'd like to offer as evidence the current timetable for his recovery, which suggests he should be healthy by the end of April. The end of April, you'll recall, is when they hold the NFL Draft. 

Nevertheless, Turf Show Times offers as counterexamples the cases of Michael Crabtree and especially Demaryius Thomas, whose foot injury dogged him throughout his rookie season under the watchful eye of one Josh McDaniels. If it means that Julio Jones could slip to 14, which hasn't happened in a Mock Draft in some time, it seems, I would be inclined to subscribe to their newsletter. 

In any case, Jones's foot injury is less useful for the Rams in the coming months than, say, trying to find a way to convince the Washington Redskins that drafting a wide receiver is a sucker's bet. I'm open to any and all suggestions about this.