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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Bring Me A Weird Mock Draft

We at SB Nation St. Louis have been covering the 2011 NFL Mock Draft season rather closely, as you might have noticed. I have one completely rational explanation for that: One of my college roommates was (and is to this day) obsessed with mock drafts. I'd get home from a class, or walk back into the living room after watching the most recent episode of The Office over and over—oh, Jim and Pam, why won't you realize you're in love with each other?—and I'd ask him what he was doing, and he'd say: Mock drafts. He consumes them regardless of quality and integrates them, somehow, into one terrifyingly complete whole.


But I don't have his search engine skills, and anyway I'm busy watching episodes of The Office over and over. So I have a proposition for any interested SB Nation St. Louis readers: Find me the weirdest published 2011 NFL Mock Draft on the internet, and I will add, until draft day, "brought to you by [YOUR NAME HERE]" to our Sports of St. Louis tagline. 


I'm open to multiple definitions of the word "weird." If we have insufficient entries to justify the contest, or nothing jumps out at me for its strangeness, the winner might have to settle for a mention in a future Sports of St. Louis blog entry.