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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Taiwan Jones's Pro Day And The Rams

Steven Jackson, the St. Louis Rams' starting running back and, until recently, their only interesting offensive player, is not especially fond of the idea of tandem-backs—he'd just as soon take all those carries himself. Unfortunately for him, the NFL, and NFL fans, are increasingly enamored of it, and throughout 2011 NFL Mock Draft season the Rams have been connected with various running backs. (Mark Ingram, the top running back in the 2011 draft class, seems to go one pick behind them, to the Miami Dolphins, as a matter of course.) Yesterday Turf Show Times considered the Rams' compatibility with Taiwan Jones, a more prototypical change-of-pace back.

I'm going to be honest—I'm a sucker for small, lightning-fast gimmick backs, and with hopes of running a 4.2 on his pro day Jones certainly qualifies. I don't know why, exactly, but I even have fond memories of the much-maligned Trung Canidate era.

Actually, on second thought, I do know why—it was the awesome name. So scratch that.