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2011 NFL Mock Draft: The St. Louis Rams And Trading Up

The St. Louis Rams' 2011 NFL Mock Draft star-crossed-love-connection with Julio Jones has always carried an unspoken element to it—the added danger that all star-crossed love connections require. In this case it's not a bitchin' motorcycle so much as trading up the draft board, which the Rams do in the latest mock draft from Wes Bunting. In short: The Rams trade first rounders with Jones-nemesis the Washington Redskins, giving up an extra pick to ensure they get Jones, while the Redskins hang back and take Missouri DE Aldon Smith at 14. 

Well—that's one way of keeping the Redskins from drafting Julio Jones. It involves less subterfuge than my other suggestion, and fewer kidnappers. 

The Turf Show Times, of course, has done the math, and VanRam can't quite see the Rams pulling the trigger on a trade that would apparently see them lose their third rounder. Wide receiver is the most obvious, most annoying hole on their roster, but there are others, and the post-Mike-Martz Rams have been risk-averse even at their most successful. Which hasn't, admittedly, been especially successful.