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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Blaine Gabbert, Tim Tebow, Underwear Secrets

So far as I can tell this 2011 NFL Mock Draft season, there are two ways for a quarterback prospect to get a lot of press. One option that Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert has demonstrated is to be the best pro-style quarterback in your class. People like Gabbert because he throws the ball a long way, does it with a certain likable accuracy, and looks very much like a quarterback. The other option—Cam Newton is this year's example—is to be an interesting quarterback prospect who is also a publicity magnet. Tim Tebow is the classical example, in the news this afternoon because he revealed the kind of underwear he prefers. (Hint: Briefs!) 

Gabbert is the post-Combine winner of SB Nation's own mock draft, soaring up to number-one not on the strength of his Combine performance but on the Carolina Panthers' continued hesitance to call Jimmy Clausen Their Guy. But he would be well-advised to keep his underwear preferences a mystery until such time as he needs a late publicity boost, maybe when Nick Fairley returns to the top of the draft board wondering what happened to get him knocked down to nine, or when Julio Jones finds a way to cure cancer that involves running really fast on a broken foot.