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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Could A Broken Foot Keep Julio Jones In Rams' Range?

I think if you were to conduct an informal poll of Rams fans and asked them who they would like to see the team draft in the first round of the NFL Draft, Julio Jones would probably win in a landslide. He makes a lot of sense in the St. Louis offense, and he has the upside to become one of the best players in the class.

But a strong performance at the Combine might have moved Jones too far up the draft board for the Rams. They pick 14th, and Jones proved that he is worthy of being picked well before that. But after the Combine we found out that Jones had a broken foot. That makes his combine performance more impressive, but it also means surgery which could scare teams off. That is why, in their latest edition of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft, SB Nation has Jones falling back to the Rams at 14th.

Most consider this Jones' worst-case-scenario landing point, and with good reason: Sam Bradford needs more weapons. I'm just not sure it's as huge a need for the Rams as perceived; Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery return to full health next season, after all.

That may be true. The Rams might need some other positions more than they need a wide receiver. But Sam Bradford does need help, and the Rams might not be able to justify leaving a potential game-breaker like Jones on the board if he is available when they are drafting. He and Bradford could form a successful tandem for years to come, and that has to be a pretty exciting prospect for those in charge of making the pick.