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2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Julio Jones Rams Scenario

After Julio Jones's performance at the Combine it's been hard to imagine a lot of scenarios in which he falls to the St. Louis Rams at 14, but in the latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft from SB Nation Brian Galliford offers a hazy view of a scenario in which some gutsy picks ahead of the Rams in the first round lead to Jones being available at that spot. Here's what happens: Cam Newton goes first overall to the star-crazy Carolina Panthers; the Cincinnati Bengals, convinced Carson Palmer really will retire rather than play for them, pick Blaine Gabbert; the Washington Redskins, a top wide receiver spot in mock drafts to date, take DE J.J. Watt. And finally, after a mini-run on defensive ends, the Rams find themselves with Julio Jones at 14. 

In spite of all this, Galliford isn't convinced, with Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery ostensibly healthy next year, that the Rams really need a wide receiver. I think Josh McDaniels will likely prove to be their most important offensive acquisition in 2011, but nobody like Julio Jones ever been justifiably blocked by anyone like Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery. If the 2011 NFL Draft plays out like this mock-scenario, the Rams will have finally found Sam Bradford somebody to key in on.