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Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams Receivers Make NFL Lockout Plans

With an NFL lockout still a distinct possibility we've had a number of stories, lately, about what the St. Louis Rams plan on doing to keep Sam Bradford and his young offense making progress after the labor situation puts the kibosh on that 7-9 NFC West-assisted momentum. Earlier this year the Post-Dispatch suggested the Rams don't think Bradford and Josh McDaniels's inexperience with each other will be an issue; on Saturday they told us that Bradford and his wide receivers will likely work out on the side, since so many of them seem to be based in and around Texas.


I don't think Bradford needs any more time to know he loves passing to Danny Amendola, but Danario Alexander and project tight end Fendi Onobun could both definitely benefit from some time with their starting quarterback, not to mention recovering ex-number-one Donnie Avery. The Rams have a lot of options at wide receiver, especially if they negotiate a new (post-lockout) contract with Mark Clayton, but it's hard to tell the ones who'll end up being a little above average from the ones who'll end up a little below average; there's not a lot of space in the pack. I don't suppose they could get Julio Jones to come visit?