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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Corey Liuget Bandwagon Gains Another Mock Draft

Good news, everyone! Yet another 2011 NFL Mock Draft has leapt upon the Corey Liuget-St. Louis Rams bandwagon. This time it's WalterFootball, who's been all over the place with the Rams since beginning their Mock Drafting for this year. They think the Rams would take Julio Jones if he fell to 14, which should please our own Aaron Hooks, but they've been stuck on Jones to the Washington Redskins for some time now. Meanwhile Aldon Smith, another popular pick in the Rams' pre-2011 NFL Draft shenanigans, goes here to the Minnesota Vikings at 12, leaving Ryan Kerrigan—to the Jacksonville Jaguars at 16—as the only major DE left on the board.

With the 2011 NFL Draft less than a month away it's clear that the St. Louis Rams consensus has solidified around Corey Liuget. It's unclear whether this will tell us anything about the actual result of the draft; the 2011 NFL Mock Draft season has been exciting, but it's always difficult to tell whether it will be fruitful. Remember: Just a few months ago, the consensus pick for the Rams was... Michael Floyd, wide receiver lately of Notre Dame. Liugetimacy: Yet to be determined.