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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Corey Liuget Immobile On St. Louis Rams Mocks

Yet another 2011 NFL Mock Draft has come and gone with none other than Corey Liuget on the board for the St. Louis Rams at  No. 14 overall—this time it's, which selects Liuget for the Rams for the second week in a row. At the moment I think we're in the calm before the 2011 NFL Draft storm—until news leaks around the Carolina Panthers' first overall choice we've hit a kind of temporary stasis, and Corey Liuget is the guy who was standing nearest the Rams' chair when the music stopped playing. 

Turf Show Times suggests in their latest draft coverage that this might be because of Liuget's status as a safe pick. The Rams definitely could use a young DT, and Steve Spagnuolo loves his defensive linemen; in the meantime, Julio Jones is out of reach in his post-NFL-Combine-canonization status, and Missouri alum Aldon Smith, one of a number of fine defensive ends in this first round, is a little raw, though he would look nice across from Chris Long

With a bunch of kind-of-likely picks settling in for the last three weeks of draft speculation, Corey Liuget has become the kind-of-likeliest. Don't put too much stock in it, but that's definitely where the St. Louis Rams Mock Draft Prognosticators have settled.