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James Laurinaitis, Future Pro Wrestler

St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis, like a number of other players—among them numbered players, like Sporting K.C. prospect Chad Ochocinco—has other sports plans in mind should the NFL Lockout extend into the 2011 NFL season. Unlike other players, his backup plan involves memorizing a script and giving interviews that would make Crash Davis flinch. He's considering—lightly, but apparently seriously—pro wrestling, the path his father, Road Warrior Animal, made famous. 


I've yet to receive word of his facility with the Doomsday Device, the Legion of Doom's primary contribution to wrestling history, but he certainly has the build for it. And the name—when your last name is Laurinaitis, calling yourself the Road Warriors seems a little unnecessary. 


As a big LOD fan growing up, I'm all for this happening, even if it only means "a few run-downs here and there or something." Steve Spagnuolo might be a little less enthusiastic, though; the matches are fake, but the risk of injury is extremely real, especially when you're leaping from the top turnbuckle to decapitate some sad-sack member of the Nasty Boys.