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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Nick Fairley's Fall Finds St. Louis Rams

Nick Fairley's fall from 2011 NFL Mock Draft grace is well established by now—after beginning the year as a consensus No. 1-caliber pick following Andrew Luck's departure, he's fallen all over the place in recent mock drafts, falling to No. 8 in SB Nation's current mock draft, which isn't his worst showing. Turf Show Times has a great look at his current standing, which has him going as far as 19th in the 2011 NFL Draft's first round following continuous questions about his intangibles—his desire to play football, his character. He's fallen so far that the St. Louis Rams have to legitimately consider him on their draft board at this point. 

The Rams are in the market for a Nick Fairley type, having been deluged by Corey Liuget picks of late, and TST is convinced that the Rams should at least think about taking a chance on a guy who is definitely not a conventional Four Pillars pick. Fairley could have deep character issues, but if a team believes in character enough they ought to think about whether they're able to build it, or just draft for it.