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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Aldon Smith Gets More Rams Votes

For St. Louis Rams handicappers in the 2011 NFL Mock Draft game Aldon Smith Fever seemed to break just after the full effects of Julio Jones's 2011 NFL Combine explosion were made visible; after a brief run at the top of Rams mock-boards he's fallen behind Corey Liuget and Zombie Julio Jones in recent weeks. But two recent SB Nation mock drafts have given us a mild Aldon Smith resurgence, which should please the Missouri Tigers/St. Louis Rams combo-fan contingent.

Earlier this week Smith went to the Rams in Mocking the Draft's most recent crystal-gazing. (Julio Jones went at 12 to the Minnesota Vikings, while Corey Liuget stuck around all the way to the New Orleans Saints at 24.) MTDer Jon Dove considers Smith a potentially dominant pass rusher, but he's not quite sure where on the field he'll do it.

Meanwhile, at Turf Show Times, the community mock draft finally got to the 14th overall pick, and crashoverride1 chose Smith to general acclaim. Jones went especially early in this mock draft—sixth overall, to the Cleveland Browns—so you can't accuse them of pulling any punches for the Mock-Rams.