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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Gives The Rams Kyle Rudolph In Latest Mock

Todd McShay did something interesting with his latest Mock Draft at ESPN. He brought in two actual factual NFL scouts to help him put together his first round picks. I'm not sure how accurate it will prove to be, but it certainly feels a little more authentic than just some guy dishing out his opinions. But the pick they give the Rams is a little curious.

Despite being rated as the 16th best prospect in the Draft, McShay gives the Rams Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph at No. 14 overall. In most of the Mocks you'll find, Rudolph goes somewhere in the late first round or early second round area. This is much higher than I have seen him go in any Mock Draft. The scout who made the pick explains.

I gave TE Kyle Rudolph to the Rams at No. 14, maybe a bit high for someone who missed most of the season with a hamstring, but I just believe in the guy. Rudolph has a chance to be an impact player and longtime starter in the league, and I think he could do for St. Louis what Rob Gronkowski did for New England as a rookie.

If the Rams feel like he can make that big of an impact, than No. 14 is not too early to take him. It doesn't matter where you take a guy if you feel he is a great fit and a good player for your system. Rams fans might not be too excited about the pick on Draft day, but Rudolph could develop into a very good player for them.