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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper On Cam Newton, Julio Jones

Mel Kiper's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft is fraught with unpredictability—he says it's "one of the more unpredictable top 10's [he] can ever remember"—but he still has Cam Newton going number one overall, suggesting rightly that if the Carolina Panthers want to make a transformational pick, a team-changing move, he's the one. Between that move and Blaine Gabbert falling to fifth overall, with the Arizona Cardinals, it seems like this might be a good recipe to get Julio Jones all the way to the St. Louis Rams. Unfortunately, it's apparently an even better way to get Julio Jones to the Cleveland Browns, at No. 6.

That's about as high as you'll see Jones go, and it's a scary move from the Mock Draft Kingpin this close to draft day. But it's always tough to predict the NFL Draft, even when your hair is both self-aware and clairvoyant. The Rams are unlikely to get Julio Jones, but I think they're at least as likely to end up with him as the Browns. When in doubt, it seems like a good idea to pick the field...