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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Taiwan Jones Erupts On Pro Day

Taiwan Jones pushed himself up the small-school list and into some additional 2011 NFL Mock Draft coverage Thursday, running a 4.2-4.3 40-yard dash and hitting 39.5 inches on his vertical leap. Jones, thought of during his college career as a lightning-fast change-of-pace back, has apparently gained 20 pounds on his listed weight, and now tips the scales at six-feet even, 198 pounds. Trung Canidate might bias St. Louis Rams fans against running backs of this genre, but as a change-of-pace back for Steven Jackson who wouldn't cost the Rams their first-round pick he's an interesting option in the middle of the draft.

Where in the middle, exactly? has him going in the fifth round in Friday's Mock Draft but concedes that they'll have to push him way up after the show he put on at pro day. Injuries and durability will always be a concern for Jones, but early indications are he could go anytime starting late in the second round.

He became a more exciting player on Thursday... but he also became less of a bargain. Funny how that works.