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2011 NFL Mock Draft: The St. Louis Rams At Running Back

One of the players around whom the mock-St. Louis Rams have been strangely quiet in 2011 NFL Mock Draft action to date is Mark Ingram, who seems to spend most of his time between 12 and 16—which is exactly where the Rams, at No. 14, happen to be. This serves me just fine—Turf Show Times's own 3k has done a fine job this offseason of showing the way the position's impact is so often overstated. But with Josh McDaniels at the helm of a new offense just two years after selecting Knowshon Moreno 12th overall, TST is now asking the running back question from a perspective of likelihood, rather than need. 

From that perspective a first-rounder still seems unlikely to me, but a second or third round type—be it a future starter like Mikel Leshoure or Ryan Williams or a guy who looks more like an immediate change-of-pace impact player, like Taiwan Jones, seems like a distinct possibility, especially if the Rams aren't interested in the second-tier wide receivers like Jonathan Baldwin and Leonard Hankerson.