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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones Like (A Sane) Terrell Owens

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch got in on Julio Jones watch Sunday, with Jim Thomas's comprehensive draft needs rundown offering some insight in addition to the Jones Pessimism that 2011 NFL Mock Draft watchers have come to expect of late. Thomas agrees that it's unlikely the Rams find Jones at No. 14 at this point, deep in the throes of his post-NFL-Combine stardom. But he has something new—a "longtime NFL coach" apparently described Jones as a young Terrell Owens, and although Thomas is quick to append "in terms of talent" I wonder whether the coach was more verbose. Fill in your own answer from the options below:

"He's like a young Terrell Owens, only—

1. Not crazy. 

2. Less likely to be called a "fancy little football person" by a police spokesperson. 

3. Not currently in possession of a Bill Parcells voodoo doll. 

4. Not under the advisement of a talent agent." 

Considering Owens has picked up nearly 16,000 receiving yards in 15 seasons in the NFL it's hard not to like that kind of comparison. And while he's been a PR nightmare at his worst, there are worse things in the NFL—far worse—than funny touchdown celebrations.