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2011 NFL Mock Draft: A Julio Jones-St. Louis Rams Scenario

DraftCountdown has another 2011 NFL Mock Draft on offer, and St. Louis Rams fans will be marginally excited to learn that they present another scenario in which the Rams might end up with wide receiver and white whale Julio Jones. It involves A.J. Green falling out of the single digits, Cam Newton slipping to No. 4, and the Cleveland Browns deciding they want one of the numerous defensive ends available in the 2011 NFL Draft, which begins April 28. 

The draft kicks off with Blaine Gabbert getting the Jimmy Clausen Heartbreaker role as the Carolina Panthers' first overall pick. Von Miller's upward ascent keeps the Buffalo Bills from choosing a quarterback at No. 3, which means that the Cincinnati Bengals, who need to replace dearly not-yet-departed quarterback Carson Palmer, can select Cam Newton and cause their fanbase to spontaneously combust. 

Perhaps the most important pick is the Cleveland Browns selecting Da'Quan Bowers at No. 6. The Browns are a major player for A.J. Green and have picked Jones in some recent mock drafts; if they go defense-first, Green might fall all the way to the primary Jones spoilers, the Washington Redskins at No. 10. From there the St. Louis Rams find the sailing relatively smooth, but that's a lot of NFL Mock Draft machinations it would take to get to that part of the ocean...