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2011 NFL Mock Draft: The Rams' Limited Linebacker Options

It's lost amid the 2011 NFL Mock Draft headlines about Julio Jones's upwardly mobile draft stock, but recently Rams experts have been suggesting that the Rams face a major problem at outside linebacker, one they'd like, ideally, to fix with the draft. Jim Thomas, regularly of the Post-Dispatch, suggests for the Sporting News that there might be a problem—namely that there aren't really any 4-3-ready OLBs available. 

As second or third round picks he thinks the Rams might look at UNC's Bruce Carter and Mason Foster of Washington, but he doesn't see any OLBs around that might cut into the Rams' current first-round mock plans, which have lately involved a lot of Corey Liuget, a little of Aldon Smith, and a lot of sad-eyed pining over one Julio Jones, who once ran a 4.3 mile while his leg was eaten by flesh-eating bacteria. 

WalterFootball's latest Mock Draft has the Rams going offense in the later rounds: wide receiver (Torrey Smith), offensive guard (Clint Boling), and running back (Jordan Todman),  before picking DE Cliff Matthews in the fifth round. But mock drafts become a deeply inexact art/science after that first round.