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2011 NFL Mock Draft: New Rumor Has Rams Trading Down

The most popular 2011 NFL Mock Draft scenario to date in St. Louis is the one that has the Rams trading up to the Dallas Cowboys' No. 9 spot to give them a better chance at drafting wide receiver Julio Jones with their first round pick, but another trade rumor has come out of WalterFootball, this one suggesting the Rams could trade down and take an extra pick later in the draft. In this particular scenario, the Rams would trade down to 23 with the Philadelphia Eagles, where they still might be able to get Mock Draft hero Corey Liuget, as Turf Show Times notes.

It's impossible to tell whether any of this might actually happen, but with the NFL lockout obscuring the upcoming release of the 2011 NFL schedule it's worth exhausting every mock draft angle you can find. Because for the rest of the summer, football news might be harder than usual to come by.

Maybe we wouldn't be so hung up on Julio Jones if the Rams could actually talk to wide receivers in free agency.