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2011 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams Bloggers Like Corey Liuget

The 14th pick of the Mocking the Draft 2011 NFL Mock Draft has come and gone, and the St. Louis Rams bloggers at Turf Show Times, foiled yesterday when Julio Jones went at No. 11, selected Corey Liuget, defensive tackle from Illinois. Their line of reasoning is one they've been talking up all season—Liuget could fill a hole at the three-technique specialty, not to mention shoring up a unit that is currently reliant on 34-year-old Fred Robbins continuing to play world-class football. 

The Mocking the Draft guys think Aldon Smith—available in their mock draft, and likely still available at 14 in the real 2011 NFL Draft, on April 28—would be a better value at the position, but Liuget would absolutely fill a need, both in 2011 and in the future. He's not as exciting as a Julio Jones, to be sure, but if the Rams can't improve their offense in the draft they can at least make sure their already-solid defense stays that way indefinitely.