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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Peter King's Mock Draft A Corey Liuget Reunion

Peter King's 2011 NFL Mock Draft hit my inbox on Tuesday—you can find an online version at this address—and it's a return to Corey Liuget normalcy after a sea of Julio Jones trade rumors. He's got Jones going sixth to the Cleveland Browns—just one pick after A.J. Green becomes a member of the quarterback-free Arizona Cardinals—and Cam Newton going No. 1 overall. The most surprising thing about this draft as it relates to the Rams is where Missouri DE and on-again off-again Rams pick Aldon Smith falls—all the way to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at No. 20. 

Peter King's anointment of Liuget just makes it clearer than ever that he's the official default pick for the St. Louis Rams and their Mock Draft Equivalents. Nobody ever got fired picking Corey Liuget, or buying IBM; it doesn't take a wild leap of faith or a major trade like Julio Jones does, there are no cries of homerism or rawness like you might get with Aldon Smith, there's no gagging noises from Turf Show Times like you might get if you pick Mark Ingram... it's the perfect, boring pick.