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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mikel Leshoure A Steven Jackson Saver?

Our latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft goes two rounds deep, and the Fake St. Louis Rams end up going running back with the 47th pick of the draft, selecting Mikel Leshoure out of Illinois to back up Steven Jackson. Back up, of course, isn't the right word—any running back the Rams pick in the 2011 NFL Draft will not be backing Steven Jackson up so much as saving the Pro Bowl running back from himself. Is there any running back around good enough to keep Steven Jackson from finishing in the top five in rushing attempts again? 

Leshoure is pretty good, but I'm not sure he's that good. 

If the Rams go running back in 2011 I think I'd rather them look at a change-of-pace guy like Taiwan Jones. I can't see Steve Spagnuolo keeping Jackson off the field for a similar but less-talented guy like Leshoure, at least not right away, but I can see him spotting Jackson with a totally different player when the situation called for it. 

Like, when his legs were about to fall off.