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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Wide Receiver Sleepers Could Intrigue Rams

With Julio Jones off the board in most recent 2011 NFL Mock Draft action it's become difficult to envision a scenario in which the catch-poor St. Louis Rams can choose a wide receiver in the first round on April 28. That means Mocking The Draft's list of wide receiver sleepers might be of interest at this hour. Tops on their list: Cecil Shorts III, astoundingly named receiver of Mount Union. Shorts has "amazing speed", "soft hands", "outstanding playmaking skills", and is "so talented." All that's good. 

Greg Little of UNC has some serious physical talent but apparently combines them with some character concerns. I think Steve Spagnuolo is saving his Four Pillars Exemption Card for the team's first round pick, but I could be wrong. MTD finishes things off with a look at Florida Atlantic tight end Rob Housler; given the Rams' current tight end crop, which includes an exciting player with injury concerns, Michael Hoomanawanui, and an exciting player who's totally raw, Fendi Onobun, I can't imagine them moving in that direction. 

Meanwhile, when I go to sleep, all I see if Julio Jones...