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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Kyle Rudolph Rumored As Rams Favorite, Somehow

2011 NFL Mock Draft writers and Draft Rumor reporters: Kyle Rudolph is a tight end. The Rams drafted two interesting tight ends last year; Michael Hoomanawanui looked great as Sam Bradford's go-to option in the role, but he couldn't stay healthy, and Fendi Onobun is nowhere near ready but possesses some serious physical talent. Despite all this, people think Kyle Rudolph and the Rams might end up together come NFL Draft day. 

Rudolph is an upgrade on Hoomanawanui, Daniel Fells, and Onobun, but the Rams don't need reliable possession types—they need everything else

Turf Show Times notes that they would also have to trade down for this pick to make sense. Given everything it requires to rationalize this, I'm surprised we're even talking about it at all. But stranger things have happened, and come draft day it could be that the Rams pick the one pass-catcher Sam Bradford wasn't really asking for. 

"Hey, buddy!" Steve Spagnuolo might say. "I got you a guy who'll be perfect for short, grind-it-out passes!" 

And Sam Bradford will hope he kept the receipt.