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Brandon Marshall Released From Intensive Care Following Stabbing

Brandon Marshall, stabbed by his wife on Friday badly enough to require surgery, has been released from intensive care and is expected to make a recovery in the next three weeks, according to reports. Marshall, who joined the Miami Dolphins last April after a tumultuous career with the Denver Broncos, isn’t expected to be limited as a football player by the incident.

Marshall’s wife was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in the wake of the incident.

This has led to a truly strange test of the NFL Lockout’s limits on contacts between a player and his team. According to a Dolphins spokesman, the team is “not allowed to have any contact with any of [its] players”, including Marshall; the NFL contends that “the team can send well-wishes or… appropriate expressions of support.”

Good support expressions: “Get well soon, Brandon. We hope you sort this situation out, and wish you the best.”

Bad support expressions: “Get well soon, Brandon. Soon enough to learn the playbook. Also, don’t bite all the way down on that cake we sent you.”

I’m sure someone in the NFL is pleased they managed to close that loophole.