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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Running Backs Don't Fare Well In 2011 Draft

A recent look at this year's draft class's running backs over at Football Outsiders boils down to Bill Connelly's three-word title, which might as well be aimed directly at the St. Louis Rams given their recent, vague Mark Ingram ties—"Save Your Pick." According to Connely's plus-minus system for evaluating prospect backs, hardly any rate as future stars, and the players who come out best are likely late-rounders Roy Helu, Jr., and Alex Green, not Mark Ingram, who ranks a -1 for a low Speed Score. 

At Turf Show Times 3k puts the numbers in a Rams context. 3k, of course, is notoriously no fan of running backs anyway, but it's clear to him that this draft is lacking in conventional every-down types. Which is okay, since the Rams are, as he puts it more interested in "adding a Lilliputian for contribution", a smaller, faster guy who can flit around Steven Jackson rather than replacing him outright. 

The good thing about those guys is that they don't require a first or second round pick.