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2011 NFL Draft: Marshall Faulk To Announce St. Louis Rams' Second-Rounder

This is one way for the St. Louis Rams to get running back help in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft: Come draft day, a former player from each team will be on hand to announce his team's second-round pick, and Marshall Faulk is set to fill that role for the Rams. Former Ram Aeneas Williams will fill that role for the Arizona Cardinals, and the not-always-approachable Barry Sanders is set to discharge the Detroit Lions' obligations. 

Should the Rams defy convention and select a running back in the second round of this year's draft, I will not rest until Faulk takes him under his wing and is eventually named godfather to the rookie's firstborn, for all the help he was in making him into the Rams' second-best running back ever. (I have limits to my dreams, admittedly.) 

The full list of players and teams is available on SB Nation's NFL Draft hub. Names from Sega Genesis Maddens past: Natrone Means.