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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mark Ingram And The St. Louis Rams, Again

In the average 2011 NFL Mock Draft Mark Ingram is usually chosen directly after the St. Louis Rams' 14th overall pick, often to the Miami Dolphins, but there's been a school of thought since the end of the season that the Rams might pluck the former Heisman-winner in the first round. At RamsHerd they've done a sort of cost-benefit analysis of the pick, starting with his fit in the scheme and his place among the class's running backs and continuing with Steven Jackson's age and mileage.

But I think the major problem with selecting Ingram with the first round pick, as Turf Show Times has been drumming all year, isn't anything about Ingram or Jackson in particular—it's about the relative fungibility of running backs in an NFL increasingly dominated by the passing game. In an NFL where the best rookie running back of 2010 might have been LeGarrette Blount, undrafted, it might not make sense to take a running back in the first round, even the best one in the draft class.

And, as RamsHerd notes, Steven Jackson is old, but he's not dead.