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NFL Lockout: Players Win Judge's Ruling, Appeals Likely

The NFL lockout ruling came out Monday afternoon; Judge Susan Nelson ruled in favor of the players, and lifting the lockout, but appeals from the owners are likely in the near future. Nelson’s ruling comes after a few weeks of deliberation that have left NFL fans in the same lurch they’ve been in all year.

If the owners’ stay during the appeal is granted, the NFL lockout could extend deep into the season; if it isn’t, the NFL would open as scheduled during the appeals. With free agency and team practices still in doubt, NFL fans are justly clamoring for anything that could lead to a more normal offseason. The St. Louis Rams, for their part, have been busy trying to sign Mark Clayton for the last several months. It’s almost going to be anticlimactic when it finally happens.

As more news comes out, expect seriously varying press releases from the NFL and the victorious NFLPA. Follow along on this storystream and at SB Nation proper.