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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones No St. Louis Ram In Latest Mocks

Julio Jones is the St. Louis Rams' "preferred" pick in every 2011 NFL Mock Draft you're likely to come across—people have him a lot of places, but nowhere after No. 14—but lately that hasn't meant he actually ends up in the Mock EdwardJones Dome. WalterFootball's latest mock draft has Jones going to the Washington Redskins, the prime Jones-spoilers, at No. 10, and having looked at a lot of these it seems like the consensus is that the Rams would have to trade down to No. 9 to have a shot at their wide receiver of choice. 

Even the Rams' original fallback mock-option, Missouri DE Aldon Smith, has moved up near the Top 10 in recent projections. In the above WF mock he even moves above former consensus No. 1 Nick Fairley, who's managed to worry enough people about his character and commitment that he might actually fall to the Rams at this point. 

It seems like whenever a player enters the Mock Rams' crosshairs he ends up doing something to improve his draft stock. It's only a matter of time before Old Faithful, Corey Liuget, ends up projected No. 1 overall ahead of Cam Newton