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2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Kyle Rudolph Continues Haunting St. Louis Rams

2011 NFL Draft rumors seem to be especially fond of taking the best player available. Case in point: Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph remains connected to the St. Louis Rams in rumors across the internet, despite the Rams' relative bounty of interesting young tight ends. Sam Bradford will take help from anywhere he can get it, I suppose, and neither Michael Hoomanawanui nor Fendi Onobun could accurately be described as franchise cornerstones. 

But this still feels like drafting for need in sheep's clothing. The Rams would be drafting Rudolph in part because they couldn't find a wide receiver that fit their needs, rather than going for the defensive end or tackle that's been most mock drafters' default fallback option for the Rams since the NFL Combine. 

I'm as wary as anyone else of drafting specifically and narrowly for need, but If you're going to draft the best player available, draft the best player available; don't try to sneak a pass-catcher in through the tight end door. Especially not when your two young tight ends have such awesome names.