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NFL Draft 2011: Rams, Cowboys Still In Trade Rumors

The 2011 NFL Draft is just hours away—draft time is 7:00 CDT, after a mountain of pre-draft coverage—and the trade rumor-mongers are still in effect, pushing a rumor connecting the St. Louis Rams and their 14th pick with the Dallas Cowboys and their ninth pick. The idea is that it would allow the Cowboys to select an offensive tackle, while the ninth pick would put the Rams ahead of their nemeses the Washington Redskins in the race to choose Julio Jones

As Turf Show Times notes, the Rams are unlikely to spend the third-round pick such a move is likely to cost them, even if it's the difference between Julio Jones and Brandon Gibson next season. There are just too many holes to fill for the Rams to get tunnel vision on one player, even a great one, even with no wide receivers in the system. 

The Rams, for their part, have consistently denied an interest in trading up. Which is exactly what a team that wanted to trade up would want you to think... Such is the nature of NFL Draft logic.