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2011 NFL Draft: Draft Time 7:00, Pre-Draft Time Immeasurable

2011 NFL Draft coverage has been going wall-to-wall on TV since noon Thursday, but ESPN and NFL Network are creeping toward actual NFL Draft time by now—the action, such as it is, is scheduled to finally begin at 7:00 CDT, after pre-draft coverage so dense that the hum of it can be used to meditate. At that point we'll finally get to see who it is is set to take Jimmy Clausen's job in Week 3—and just an hour or so after that, how close Julio Jones comes to falling to Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams

Of course, schedule creep is inevitable for events like this—the scheduled starting time is 7:00, but I'd be surprised if Mel Kiper was finished singing the National Anthem and introducing the Black Eyed Peas by then, and Frank Caliendo might still be in the middle of his killer impression of Julio Jones as Robert De Niro. 

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